Piano Lessons

I teach all levels from complete beginners to advanced piano students, including preparation for ABRSM and Trinity exams. My experience covers classical, contemporary, pop, rock and musical theatre styles.

Piano Lessons
Piano Lessons

Teaching style

  • My experience covers classical, contemporary, pop, rock and musical theatre styles.

  • In preparing my lessons I endeavour to make them as educational and fun as much as possible.

  • I’m patient with my students. Some people require more instructions while others understand with a simple sentence.

  • I’ll recommend titles that my students should purchase. To a beginner, all books look the same, just in different colours.

  • With younger students, I try to get the parents to help. Make a practice calendar for them and show their parents.

  • I would encourage my students to participate in student’s concerts, community events, festivals and I like to give challenges to the talented students by accompanying singers/ instrumentalists or to join an ensemble.

  • I have knowledge of examination board content and protocol and the ability to play the piano in a range of styles. Moreover, I am able to differentiate the teaching techniques required to suit each student's learning needs and level and to provide a variety of individual teaching styles.

  • I try to find interesting pieces for my students. There are many piano books in different genres for all different levels. If they enjoy the pieces, they'll want to practice more.

  • I teach my students the tricks and tips that helped me become a better pianist.

  • I try not to bore my students with talking, but get to know them and show "How to practice effectively." Show them tips for learning a piece quickly and have them show how they do their practicing.

  • As a professional music teacher, I know how to sequence and teach musical concepts and how to develop the technical ability and structure of the hands as they grow.

Student results

Student's examination success through the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music:

Summer 2023

Yao Wen Chen — Grade 8 Piano Performance (Distinction)
Isabella Jasmine May — Grade 6 Piano Performance (Merit)
Rebecca Lewis — Grade 3 Piano (Pass)

Spring 2023

Lesley Smith — Grade 2 Piano (Pass)

Winter 2022

Rebecca Lewis — Grade 2 Piano (Merit)
Rithara Pinto — Grade 1 Piano (Pass)

Autumn 2022

Polina Yeremeyeva — Grade 5 Piano Performance (Pass)
Ruby Pinto — Grade 4 Piano Performance (Pass)

Summer 2022

Lydia Winthorpe — Grade 3 Piano Performance (Pass)

Summer 2021

Paul Hayes — Grade 3 Piano Performance (Distinction)
Isabella Jasmine May — Grade 5 Piano Performance (Distinction)

Winter 2021

Paul Hayes — Grade 2 Piano Performance (Distinction)
Mia Arrowsmith — Grade 2 Piano Performance (Pass)
Ruby Pinto — Grade 3 Piano Performance (Pass)
Isabella Jasmine May — Grade 4 Piano Performance (Distinction)
Polina Yremeyeva — Grade 4 Piano Performance (Pass)
Yao Wen Chen — Grade 7 Piano Performance (Distinction)

Summer 2019

Ruby Pinto — Grade 2 Piano (Pass)
Sally Cadien — Grade 2 Piano (Pass)
Polina Yremeyeva — Grade 3 Piano (Pass)
Maddison Warne — Grade 4 Piano (Pass)
Yao Wen Chen — Grade 5 Music Theory (Pass)
Yao Wen Chen — Grade 6 Piano (Pass)

Spring 2019

Jonah Whitting — Garde 1 Piano (Pass)
Mikolaj Kazimierz Debiec — Grade 1 Piano (Pass)
Dorka Horvath — Grade 1 Piano (Merit)
Mia Arrowsmith — Grade 1 Piano (Pass)

Summer 2018

Sally Cadien — Grade 1 Piano (Merit)
Yao Wen Chen — Grade 5 Piano (Merit)
Ruby Pinto — Grade 1 Piano (Merit)
Maddison Warne — Grade 2 Piano (Merit)
Polina Yeremeyeva — Grade 1 Piano (Merit)

Spring 2017

Yao Wen Chen — Grade 4 Piano (Merit)

Spring 2016

Yao Wen Chen — Grade 3 Piano (Merit)

Summer 2015

Yao Wen Chen — Grade 1 Piano (Distinction)

Spring 2015

Sabina Smurthwaite — Grade 4 Piano (Pass)

Autumn 2014

William Kleczkowski — Grade 2 Piano

Spring 2013

William Kleczkowski — Grade 1 Piano (Merit)

Spring 2010

Adrienne Jenkins — Grade 1 Piano

Summer 2009

Madzia Wojcik — Grade 4 Piano

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