Piano/Singing lessons

Cancellation Policy:
  • If the student/parent cancels a lesson with at least 48 hours notice, they won't be charged for it. If it's possible, the teacher will offer an alternative day/time.

  • If the student/parent gives a late notice they have to pay 100% of the lesson fees.

  • If the student is not well and parent gives notice they still have to pay 50% of the lesson fees.

  • The teacher reserves the right to cancel a lesson for any reason. No charges will be applied if the teacher cancels the lesson.

Gift Vouchers
  • Gift vouchers are valid for three months from the date of issue or as indicated on the voucher.

  • Lessons must be taken before the expiry date.

  • If you have a gift voucher, you must contact the teacher before booking your lesson to indicate you have a gift voucher.

Payments and fee increases
  • The student/parent will pay the fees monthly or one lesson fees in advance, unless other payment arrangements have been agreed by the teacher.

  • Credit card payments are accepted.

  • For cash payments, provide a note that indicates your name and the dates of that month’s lessons.

  • Lessons are scheduled on a weekly basis in 30, 45 or 60 minute increments. Once a lesson is reserved for the student, he/she will be responsible for paying for that time slot. 

  • Any increase in fees will be notified in writing during the term before the increase takes place. Fees increase by £2 when students go to another grade/level.

Examinations, Student's concerts and public performances
  • The Student will not be entered for any examination or public performance without the prior consent of both the Teacher and the Student (and the Student's parent where appropriate).

  • Any entry fees must be paid before an entry will be made for an examination, competition or Student's concert.

  • I’m a member of Musician’s Union (MU) covered by the Public Liability Policy.

  • Lessons are held all year round, however, the summer session (July/August) is optional.

Terms & Conditions