What people say about my singing and piano lessons.

"I have really enjoyed the journey so far and now look forward to further progress"

Grazina has put up with my bad posture, poor breathing technique and weird high register for nine months now. With unfailing patience and charm she has managed somehow to coax a more than respectable Grade 5 singing exam (Distinction) result out of me. I started out as a complete novice with enthusiasm but no experience and no confidence. I am not by temperament a performer but Grazina put me in front of a camera and persisted until I overcame my inhibitions. If I am never quite cured of my technical faults it will not be for the want of Grazina gently, and alas repeatedly, pointing them out. Thank you Grazina, I have really enjoyed the journey so far and now look forward to further progress.

- Stephen H, August 2023

A big thank you to Grazina

Just wanted to say a big thank you to Grazina. My son James has had singing lessons with Grazina now for over a year and it really has paid off. He has just performed in the latest WOW show and it was great to see that his voice was just as good in his last show as his first. His voice stayed strong and was pitch perfect throughout. This was all due to great teaching from Grazina. Of how to sing properly without damaging your voice. I can not thank her enough and am looking forward to more performances.

- Kim Newstead, May 2020

Can't wait to see Grazina and look forward to new songs and challenges...

My son James had been having lessons since just before xmas. He loves to sing, but i felt it was important he learnt how to sing properly and really needed to find his voice. James was in the show in April and my husband and I were so impressed. In such a small amount of time he has improved so much. From now on James is going to take music exams. Grazina realising that James wasn’t over keen on classical music has chosen for him to sing Musical Theatre. This suits him so well and we can’t wait to see how he develops further. Most importantly one of the most noticeable improvements to James since singing lessons is how confident he is. He loves his lessons, can’t wait to see Grazina and look forward to new songs and challenges. Its great to see what was once a shy unconfident boy, come out of his shell and really flourish

- Kim Newstead, June 2017

Trophy winner at Weymouth Music Festival

So proud of Elizabeth for her singing at Weymouth Music Festival Concert tonight. Trophy for the Young Singer category a nice surprise. Thanks to Grazina Ellis for being a fantastic singing teacher and to Alistair Dean for accompanying her.

- Fiona Pawsey, March 2017

Singing & piano lessons

The singing and piano lessons my girls receive are amazing. Grazina goes above and beyond what is expected in a music lesson. ALWAYS gives100 percent… and encourages my daughters along with giving them confidence. The students concerts are really wonderful… gives the students a chance to preform on a stage and family members a chance to see how the children are getting on and show support. The result follows through to auditions and the school music lessons. Thank you Grazina x

- Rebecca Taton, October 2016

Wonderful teacher...

I took up singing after retirement and am so lucky to have found Grazina. She is a wonderful teacher. Grazina has a lifetime of experience in music, has performed across the world and her expertise, enthusiasm and energy make every lesson a delight. She has great patience and brings just the right balance of support and encouragement to improve. Learning to sing with proper breathing and technique has transformed my singing voice. I know there is so much more to learn and I look forward every week to my lesson with Grazina.

- Dr Ian Mackenzie, March 2016

Singing Teacher

Quite late in life, and never before having any formal singing training, I decided to take some singing lessons to strengthen the performance of some songs that I have been writing lately.

I was lucky to have known of Grazina, so I arranged to have some lessons from her. I would like to say what an absolute pleasure it has been to the extent that I have to consider myself very lucky to have chosen her. Her love of classical music and her training in the technical mastery of both piano and vocal is displayed by her clear passion for the subject. However, for me, I intended my training to be aimed at the more traditional folk/rock/ballad side. Straight away I was aware that Grazina has just as much knowledge and passion for this and, indeed, a very broad spectrum of music genres. She is a very understanding and observant teacher, and is complementary where appropriate and has great empathy for the way a student handles challenges. Often she will send helpful advice, or reference to any type of printed matter thought helpful, via email or copy something for you to take home. In literally under two months, I have gone from a student who was doing it ‘all wrong’ to one who is starting to get more confident with singing due to the fact that I can hear how my voice has improved. There is much for me to do yet, but I am already very confident that I will far surpass my own original expectations in terms of what I thought I could achieve.

- David Heward, March 2016

A Musical Afternoon with Students & Friends 2015

I thought the young performers played piano very well without nerves. I also enjoyed all the singing and the Frozen song is a crowd-pleaser. I also enjoyed the cultured singing from the mature participants. Sorry that we lowered the tone at the end with our folk songs but wonderful to play with Matt on accordion, Rob on bass and Sarah on cello. Thanks Grazina!

- Alan McIntosh, May 2015

A Musical Afternoon with Students & Friends 2015

Ben loved the experience, it has given him the confidence to continue to sing when it is not always cool for a boy of 12! He enjoyed learning and singing with his friend Emmanuel too over the last month or so. Thank you Grazina for giving him and the other children this wonderful opportunity to perform.

- Jo Kember, May 2015

A Musical Afternoon with Students & Friends 2015

A very enjoyable afternoon. The pianists coped well with playing an electric I thought. The children were all well drilled in platform etiquette and performed well. Well done to everybody who took part. I'm glad I came.

- Caroline Thomas, May 2015

A Musical Afternoon with Students & Friends 2015

I had fun, was a little nervous but it was a very supportive environment. Loved the folk music (Gill & Allan & One Voice choir friend’s group). Thank you from Jasmin and I.

- Simon Evers, May 2015

Singing lessons

Dear Grazina, Thank you so much for all the support you have given to me so far with my singing. I really enjoyed the concert and felt more confident than I expected! Looking forward to the next one.

- Rebecca, April 2015

Piano lessons

I wanted to say thank you for all that you have done in helping Sabina to get to this level of Piano GRADE 4 playing and for helping to build her confidence... she is definitely starting to believe in herself more!

- Kim, March 2015

Singing lessons

Grazina. Thank you so much for raising my daughter's confidence through teaching her singing. It has affected her life more than singing and now her confidence has grown so much.She was really happy when she received her Grade 3 results.

- Rachel A., September 2014

Students and Friends Concert 2014

Today's Student's concert was fantastic Grazina, I'm amazed how much you do with all your students, and with their results! Well done! And it was a great afternoon, you were right John:) Thank you for so much for the lovely music and for such a beautiful Ave Maria by Michal Lorenc! It was really touching.

- Jolanta, May 2014

Singing lessons

Throughout my life I have always enjoyed being part of a choir which started whilst at school, progressed onto being a Choirgirl at our Church, attending two mixed choirs for 13 and 9 years and have now been with One Voice Choir for three years. I enjoy my concerts with the Choir, sometimes singing in ensembles, as a soloist and also performing duets/trios with Grazina and others. I feel very confident singing now after having fun lessons from Grazina who has helped me improve my vocal training as a top soprano.

- Sarah Curtis, January 2014

Weymouth singers will perform at Olympic opening ceremony

Click here for full article...

- Dorset Echo, 08 February 2012

Singing lessons

My name is Sarah Curtis and I started singing when being born with the cord around my neck and have never stopped! Throughout my life I have always enjoyed being part of a choir, which started whilst at school, progressed onto being a Choirgirl at our Church, attending two mixed choirs for 13 and 9 years and now brings me to the One Voice Choir with a very patient Grazina Ellis as Musical Director. I recently went to a local church concert and heard the Choir and decided that I would like to go back to singing lessons, approached Grazina, and have now improved my vocal training as a top soprano.

Grazina always listens to her pupils and encourages them with whatever project they may have themselves, and she includes pupils in separate ensembles that may come along as a one-off. The One Voice Choir have taken me under their wing and I look forward to taking part in many concerts with them.

- Sarah Curtis, April 2011

Singing lessons

Grazina is worth her weight in gold, she is the complete teacher. She is a good and thorough musician, familiar with several languages in order to correct pronunciation, she has an in depth acquaintance with a wide repertoire and as a final bonus she has a successful professional career, which commands respect and gives an inner dimension to the advices she gives. Her rich sense of humour and pleasant manner also make her lessons something to look forward to.

- Brian Westlake, April 2011

Singing lessons

Singing is pure pleasure and takes me into another part of me – one which is not openly seen. It achieves a personal goal and gives me an avenue to express myself. I could never have developed my voice if it were not for my singing lessons now with Grazina Ellis. My voice has gained strength and technique. Also Grazina is so encouraging and believes in show casing her pupil's talents which is a great confidence booster.

- Maggie Tetlow, March 2011

Time is endless - Choral music by Vytautas Miskinis

Following their disc of the music of Rihards Dubra, The Choir of Royal Holloway and their director Rupert Gough have produced a second volume of Baltic delights, turning this time to the sumptuous music of Vytautas Miskinis, the doyen of current Lithuanian choral culture.

- 12 May 2010

Cultural Evening

Another colourful cultural evening that was enjoyed by everyone at the College’s Cygnets restaurant on Wednesday night. This time students and guests enjoyed Eastern European cuisine whilst learning about some aspects of the culture in that region of the world...

- Weymouth College, 11 March 2010

Singing lessons

My name is Mark and I joined a choir in my local area about a year ago. I sing in the tenor section of the choir and have a good voice but, as yet, not perfect. In August 2009 I decided to have singing lessons. Asking around I was given the name Grazina Ellis so I contacted Grazina and started lessons a week later.

I look forward to every lesson and find them enjoyable. Grazina is an excellent singing teacher and plays the piano beautifully. She has taught me so much including various breathing techniques to apply when singing. At the moment Grazina is concentrating on me producing a better sound as well as pronounciation. I feel that the full potential of my voice is being realised more in each lesson. My singing range has increased and with confidence, I can now reach the high notes that I couldn't before.

I have decided to continue with my lessons because of the benefit I feel week on week. My improved contribution to the choir has been notable and I find myself better prepared for our performances. Grazina also has a beautiful singing voice.

- Mark Stone, December 2009

Singing lessons

I started having singing lessons with Grazina in September 2007. At the beginning I had no idea how to sing correctly and I was very shy with my voice, but after a few months of training, I began to understand the technical requirements needed for singing. My confidence grew a lot in this short space of time and confidence is a big part of singing. Before singing with Grazina I did a fair bit of dance and decided that I wanted to pursue a career in Musical Theatre, Grazina was extremely helpful with getting my audition songs up to scratch and standard. The training she gave me was beneficial because she helped me gain a place into a top Musical Theatre College in London. Having singing lessons with Grazina has given me confidence to do something I didn’t think I could and her passion for singing has been passed onto me, I will continue to see Grazina even when I am not at College.

- James House, April 2009

Russian Passion Found In Translation

A Friday evening in March at the Dorchester Arts Centre found a warm and excited audience filled with great expectations awaiting the Russian Romance performance of a unique group of musicians and a poetess. Svetlana, the writer of poetry and performer, provided the inspiration and set the tone of the event by carefully weaving her words with the words of song and musical expertise.

The performance lived up to my expectation. The items introduced me to music that was intimate with lyrical songs that touch the soul and that makes one cry and smile. The range suits, as I am told that Romance as music genre is a traditionally Russian type of music creativity: it is in romance that the so-called “mysterious Russian soul” has for more than two hundred years found ways of expressing its passions as an integral part of Russian culture.

Sincerity and tunefulness of romance gives it inimitable charm. Normally dwelling on feelings, especially love, romance expresses a rich range of emotional aspects. It either has or implies the participation of two lyrical characters that makes it intimate. This was emphasised by the accompaniment being accordion or guitar (in Russian Gypsy romance especially). The tempo was set as the mood took the performers.

Variation came with some accordion solos reminding me of Russian folk dances with enthusiasm, vigor and high-tempo. The audience naturally found themselves clapping to the beat set in a number of pieces.

The final piece, claimed it seems by many nationalities, had the audience joining in in different languages... 'those were the days my friend!'... with naturally a number of encores! And so an enjoyable and enlightening evening came to an end with one wanting more!

- John Ellis, March 2009

Littlemoor choir 'One Voice' on Wessex FM Radio

At 10 pm on the 15th of February, Wessex FM Radio interviewed Grazina Ellis about the recently established Littlemoor Choir 'ONE VOICE'. Unplugged is a Sunday evening music program and so, was an ideal vehicle to plug the news about Littlemoor in general and music in particular.

Inspiration for the Choir came from two main sources:

A TV program called 'The Singing Estate' broadcast about three years ago, featured a professional musician who was challenged to create a choir using residents of an estate in Oxford. He was to prepare them ultimately to sing in the Royal Albert Hall. This was accomplished within three months when the seemingly impossible happened.

Dr Malcolm Beeson, Chairman of Littlemoor Community Action Group was featured on the front page article of the Dorset ECHO at about the same time. His vision for the Community was a dream to beautify the area and for it to join some of Dorset's finest Villages. As part of this project the long expected and planned new Community Centre buildings would crown the effort.

Grazina, a qualified a music and singing teacher, was captivated by these two thoughts and with her background and energy, wished to get Littlemoor making music. Her first endeavour has resulted in an adult choir 'One Voice 'being established .She would like to extend this by creating a Music Club for Children.

During the interview it emerged that Grazina's personal music making involved singing with a professional Lithunian group 'Muzika' that sang in competitions around the world. At the end of February she would be singing in a soloist quartet in Mozart ' Missa Solemnis' with Briantspuddle Singers at Wool. On the 13th March she will be singing and leading a quartet of musicians in Russian Romance as part of program at Dorchester Art Centre.

Grazina also outlined her plans for the Choir and was able to share a recent recording made at Weymouth College. She also gave a personal invitation to any Littlemoor residents who would like to participate in the Choir, to visit the Community Hall at 7.30 pm on Thursday evening. All abilities would be welcome. Separate rehearsals for beginners.

What a wonderful opportunity it was for Littlemoor to be highlighted!

Thanks must go Malcolm Beeson for instigating the interview; Maria Greenwood, Head of News at Wessex FM and Weymouth College Music Technology Department for arranging the recording.

- From LCAG Newsletter. No12., 01 March 2009

Sounds of the Season

Sunday concert with ‘ONE VOICE’ choir (leader Grazina Ellis)
See article: "A Notable Success" (12/12/2008)

Sunday concert with ‘ONE VOICE’ choir (leader Grazina Ellis)
See article: "A Pre Christmas Treat" (22/12/2008)

- Dorset Echo, 11 December 2008

Singing lessons

Through my singing lessons with Grazina I have become a more confident and accurate singer, In addition to developing a stronger understanding of music theory. Her thorough but gentle approach, allowed me to gain a Grade 5 Singing and Intermediate Music Performance certificate from the Royal Schools Of Music. She is always keen for her students to perform and be admired for their talent. She possesses an energetic, bright personality and as a result, lessons are stimulating and fun.

- Kay Channon, August 2008

An International Project

Premier performance of a difficult piece by Valentina Zigiene

Children and youth musicians from the Aukstaitijos county came to Ramygalos School (catering for Advanced Music level) for five days of intensive rehearsals in a music workshop. A choir from Great Britain ‘One Voice’, led by a former local Panevezys teacher Grazina Ellis, joined them. More than 200 people were involved with the project.

The Panevezys District Music School, within the county of Aukstaitija, organise an annual festival ‘Sounds of Youth’. Each year the organisers seek new forms of musical expression. This year, being the sixth, a single piece - ‘Mass of the Children’ written by the English composer John Rutter was chosen.

Two performances were made: the first in the ‘Christ the King’ Cathedral in Panevezys and the second in ‘St.John the Baptist’ Church in Ramygala. The full programme included two symphonic pieces i.e. Intermezzo (P. Mascagni) and Adagio (T.Albinoni) followed by the premier performance in Lithuania of ‘Mass of the Children’.

There were two soloists from the Lithuania Music Academy in Vilnius, Milda Tubelyte (Soprano) and Audrius Martisius (Baritone) who were joined by the Panevezys District Music School Youth Choir, the J. Balcikonio School Mixed Choir and the guest choir from England ‘One Voice’.

To assist with the cost of the music sheets, Grazina and her students held a charity concert. The Director of Music and conductor Kestutis Planciunas explained that with modern musical expression, parts of the ‘Mass’ piece had tricky rhymes that student performers had real difficulties with. The choirs had more time to rehearse whereas the orchestra, because of the hiring costs, had only 2 months. The young orchestra musicians worked hard to learn their parts. ‘In my opinion we had a good result with such a short period for rehearsal. The audiences listened to the highly original John Rutter music with great interest’.

Taught Lithuanian Songs

The English choir enjoyed their stay in Lithuania. The choir consisted mainly of students from Weymouth College in Dorset. Also singing with the choir was the College’s International Students Co-ordinator Liz Evans who spoke to the Lithuanian students about the possibilities of studying at Weymouth College. Students under 18 years old could study the English Language for one year with EU finance.

A few years ago, our former musician Grazina went to further her studies at Weymouth College through Bournemouth University. She completed a 2 year foundation degree course in Arts – Music Media and Performance. In our town she taught at the Panevezys Music Conservatory and sang in the famous Panevezys Municipality Chamber Ensemble ‘Muzika’. At present she leads a choir and works as a vocal coach at Weymouth College and directs a community choir ‘One Voice’.

Grazina could be called an ambassador for Lithuanian music in Dorset. Last year she taught a group of English singers to sing Lithuanian songs and play Lithuanian pan pipes (Skuduciai) in a performance at a children’s festival in rural Dorset.

Grazina is excited at the possibility of an orchestra from Panevezys visiting Weymouth College in 2010.

- English translation of an article published in Panevezys (Lithuania) local daily newspaper "Sekunde", 03 July 2008


Time to say thank you.

"The performance of the Littlemoor Choir, led by Weymouth College tutor Grazina Ellis was brilliant… made up of voices from all ages and varied talents. Indeed, they didn’t just sing - we were privileged to also hear the piano, guitar and recorder being played-from Mozart to Carole King.

…Worthy of nothing but praise!"

- Julia Squibb, Dorset Echo, 30 June 2008